Customs Release and Accounting

Using the latest EDI technology, we will clear your shipments at any port across Canada, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Our team will handle all of your shipments with speed and accuracy that will surprise you.

NRI (Non-Resident Importer) Set-up

We help you understand the benefits of being a Non-Resident Importer, as well as your responsibilities and obligations.  We assist you with the necessary documentation so you can register quickly and efficiently.

Temporary Imports

Importing goods temporarily can be tricky.  We guide you through the process to make sure you minimize your costs and your shipment spends as little time at the border as possible. 

Export Reporting

It is just as critical to report your export shipments as it is your imports.  Our experts will advise you on the reporting requirements for your products, and make sure your declarations are filed timely and accurately.

Consulting Services

Our experienced staff can provide you with the advice and services you need to stay compliant in a complex trade environment.  Our services include product classification, free trade qualification, compliance audits, rulings and appeals, and commodity tax planning.

Post Entry Adjustments

Did you know that Importers are required to make corrections to their entries for up to four years after importation?  We can help you file your corrections, refunds, and drawback claims quickly and easily, so you can not only avoid penalties, but make sure your money is in your hands, not CBSA's.